Discover our files of 13 million companies in France

Our new product brings together nearly 13 million companies throughout France and is separated by region.

Ideal for business development

Don’t limit yourself by selecting the line of business of your prospects when buying a company file. Our file is available at a fixed price of 499€ per region and only 1999€ for whole France. You will be able to select the line of business yourself.

Detailed contact details with phone numbers

The location of the companies is indicated by x,y coordinates and a mailing address. Phone numbers are also available to allow easy contact.

A comprehensive database of industrial estates and shopping malls.


in all continents. (America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania)



including main streets and commercial areas.



in commercial areas.


including business parks.

An accurate and reliable database.

Each shop, business and business parks is labelled with its own name and a unique identifier.
Each point of interest is geolocalized using x,y coordinates.
You will be provided with the known contact details.
All data is categorized by business sector.

A database intelligible and available in the shortest possible time.

Geodatindustry delivers its databases in various formats (Excel, Access, CSV, KML and SHP). Data will therefore be easily processable whatever your usual tools are. We also make sure that your data is delivered as soon as possible directly on the mailbox of your choice. Thanks to our online payment tool, you don't waste time and can complete the process immediately.

A database covering the whole world, all you have to do is choose a country.



Study your market with a database sorted by brand.

Geodatindustry offers specific databases for particular brands. This will allow you to find out where some of the world's largest retailers are located, such as McDonald's, Sephora or Zara.

Carry out a statistical study of the distribution of business sectors in cities in your country

We have designed a detailed statistical study of our database. You will be able to see the distribution of companies within the following sectors:
  • agriculture
  • construction
  • shops
  • industry
  • services

You can also request customised studies based on our database on any desired geographical areas.

For more information on shopping malls in France:

You can also obtain information on the French solar potential by purchasing our energy survey of all our areas in France.

If you want to investigate solar energy transition of businesses in France, our database is designed for you. Our database is comprehensive and provides you with known contact details.
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