Firms of Metropolitan France


Database of France

  • ??? firms in Activity Areas
  • 18,189 Economical Activity Areas


List of Activity Areas

  • Name of the Activity Area
  • Category (IZ, AZ...)
  • Number of firms (by range)
  • Surface (by range)
  • x,y coordinates of the area
  • Town
  • Code NUTS
  • Unique identifier of the area

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List of firms in the Areas

  • Firm name
  • Area name (only included in Full database offer)
  • Unique identifier of the area (only included in Full database offer)
  • Address
  • Surface (by range)
  • Phone number (if known)
  • Email (if known)
  • Company register (if known)
  • Headcount (by range, if known)
  • x, y coordinates of the firm
  • Firm activity
  • Unique identifier of the firm

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Full database

  • The two previous offers in one in order to get the full database of a country.
  • This solution makes you save beyond 20% !

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Further information about the product

  • Delivery File Format : Access, Excel, Csv, KML and Shp
  • The product will be sent on the chosen email

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Database content

Activity Areas, Firms of Activity areas, Full database

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